As much as I love to shoot OOTDs, my true fascination is on how clothes fit with the surrounding background. I love to focus more on how architectural/natural elements really form a narrative in photos. So when I shoot, I try to incorporate elements around it and they will merge together as a beautiful collaborative unit rather than a complimentary effect.

So for my next OOTD series, I collaborated with Insta-famed mobilegraphy- afficionado Faliq Fahmie. A familiar name to many, this man who is well-versed and exposed in KL’s social scene isn’t just like any average mobile-grapher/iphonograper. Armed with his Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone, he used countless editing apps to achieve the desired dreamy and poignant effect of his captures. We took our thirst for great pics while embarking in the possibly cliched old KTM Kuala Lumpur station on Saturday, but the result was anything but cliche.

Taking angles from the station’s old, rusty exposed railings, dilapidated train containers (I call them train carcasses) and Moorish mosaic structures all share their stories with the shots and angles that we explored. If anything, I’d say you can be a good photog even with your mobile in hand, so go explore more than just your selfies or pet pics! 😀


Follow more of Faliq’s work on his insta @faliqfahmie .