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A calling card that keeps on reverberating across in the KL fashion scene like a broken record, Malaysia is a country exhausted with a puddled pool of talents continuously churning the same old, same old . With so many Malay-centric designers catering to the local demands and taste, how can one find solace in local brands that speak in international flair?

The saving grace lies with new rising stars in the KL fashion scene, a fresh group of individuals who actually listen to what KL needs to revive the fashion atmosphere on this side of the globe. Enter Moto Guo and HIDE; undoubtedly to be in the line-up young, talented individuals to watch in the scene.

Recently showcased their debut SS16 collection for menswear at KLFW RTW 2016, Moto Guo has already racked up fans amongst fashion writers and stylists alike. It’s not hard to see why; their attention to detail and how their stories were told in every stitching, quality of workmanship and the quirk they allow their clothes to enthusiastically  (or according to the theme of Moto Guo’s collection :depressingly?) let loose on full display, unrestrained!

Moto Guo’s collection may be only for men, but being the Can-Do person that I am, it’s not impossible to see how their clothes could reflect wonderfully on a woman’s frame too!

My three fave, wearable pieces from their line exhibits a kind of, jest; with loud colors and asymmetrical cuts lay about that makes them standout statement pieces to own; a calling card of the brand Moto Guo.

Look 1:

Top: Moto Guo

Pants: Hanif Naim

Boots: Bargain Hunts

Bag: Fendi

Shades (worn throughout) : Dior

Look 2

 Top: Moto Guo

Pants: (another fave from local designer) Fern Chua

Shoes: Forever 21

Bag: Fendi

Earrings/Cuff: Monki

Look 3


A cant-miss signature of Moto Guo; these 3D -bubbles inspired from Japanese mushrooms!

Top: Moto Guo

Pants: Versace

Skirt: H&M

Boots: Bargain Hunts

Clutch: Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses: Muzik Eyewear


Another favorite would be HIDE’s darkly delivery of SS16 pieces.

Blacks should never be banal, and photographer-stylist-designer Keith Chee holds this true by playing with accessory styling and layering to spruce things up.

Particularly this BELT/COAT combo.

New-found obsession:

Coat/Belt: HIDE

Pants: Hanif Naim 

Go to their instagram pages: @WearHIDE, @MotoGuo, @HN_HanifNaim and @FernChua to own a signature piece today. Be part of the clique/revolt! 😉