Shaggy do, barely any accessories and Urban Decay lippy in tow, I took my little afternoon rendezvous around town just because this feet is a little restless.


Wearing a top and skirt I have got on sale at Padini/P&Co, I have gotten enthralled by the cheap thrill and the very athletic prints. Summing up a preppy look for my stroll out in this marvellously cheap two-piece.

IMG_2397 IMG_2398

It was really warm, but knowing me and my uncompromising (sometimes) approach in fashion, I wasn’t bothered with the heat. I attached my favorite H&M ear cuffs for a smooth, cool illusion of rebellious statement.

IMG_2399 IMG_2400 IMG_2401 IMG_2402 IMG_2403 IMG_2404

Now all that’s missing was a cup of some cold icy drink to get through the day.. ahh.. Ramadhan.

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Shot by yours truly