Jacket and Skirt: Korea

Shirt: From a bundle store

Boots: Chanel

Handbag: Chanel

Bow: H&M

Hat: H&M

One does not need to be a Parisian to dress like the inhabitants of the City of Lights.

Though, visiting the fashion city does allow me to help define the make up of Parisian fashion scene more thoroughly!


My trip opened a broader perspective on the stylings of luxe minimalism as displayed by most of the French women I encountered while walking along the streets of Paris. I spotted lots of casual, breezy pieces that is similarly seen on fashionistas like Caroline de Maigret, Lou Doillon and Emanuelle Alt. Think basic, investment pieces like leather jackets, a good paneled pants and boots that boasts the quality of the make, that really sets them apart from cheap basic pieces.

Being part Indian, excess has been part of my style vocab; which is why I find myself gathering my references from the eyes of Karl Lagerfeld. Instead of sticking by the regular tweed pieces, I figured that mixing it up with an exotic-print fabric would have chanelled the best of both worlds. Since the French adore monochromatic swatches for their looks, I add my own flavor in the popular Chanel-inspired ensemble.

A matching tweed-inspired set that goes with the French Bohemian look ala Saint Laurent does the trick. Common elements of the Parisienne Boho could not have been possible without the wide-brimmed hat and the pussy bows to really add that French faire. The Fall 13 Chanel boots and Chanel Boy just polishes the whole look to keep it true to the Francophiliac loyalty in me.