Who has time to get all dolled up every morning? How do you keep up with taking care of your face, and the powder pat to get rid of the access oil for hours only to realize it was going to be melted off like an orang minyak at the end of it all?

I was less than particular about how my makeup looks like until the idea of looking at the pictures from events came out all greasy and unappealing. Sick of having to compare myself to an oil rig; Urban Decay’s Go Matte #PrepPrimeSet Skin Cocktail. I have tried countless primers and bases; from the light as a feather ones, moussey texture, but none really genuinely promise 9-5 (and beyond) protection. So burdened by my scepticism ( a word I use alot when it comes to beauty products), I took the set for a spin. It comes in 3 bottles; the De-Slick Complexion Primer, B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray and the De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray – Oil Control. These may sound a handful; (3 bottles of primer? there goes my wallet!) but hear me out, at RM135, RM139 and RM130 respectively; yes it is quite the bombshell to fork our for priming bottles and I foresee hands-raised on questioning the justification of buying just one of them. Well, safely said that the folks at Urban Decay cosmetics have not just made their case heard with owning this set of 3; as it worked absolute wonders in our heat and humidity with aside of super oily skin that I completely shattered my disbelief on owning the bottle of 3.


I have taken these products on a test-run for 2 weeks. Throughout these 2 weeks, I test drove it to outdoor shoots and events and pats-per-hour counts compared to no primer applied and just powder as base. I realized that I have minimized the usage of patting powder and blotting sheets so much so that I no longer carry them in my purse when I go out! (that’s quite the relief because my compact powder costs more than these 3 bottles combined! lol). So now, to show you all how I wear it, is to take it to the beach in Langkawi (YES, I wear makeup to the beach, so?)


bare-faced banana

Now the texture of the De-Slick Complexion Primer is as matte as it can get; its almost powdery as it dilutes on your skin and you need to apply them 2-3 pea-sized drops on the problematic area of your face. Because it is already supremely matte in texture, you have no need to brush on powder to lock it in.

IMG_0801 IMG_0805

I pat a few of them across my forehead, temple of my cheeks, nose and chin mostly where my oily problem areas are located. I stress you that you do not need much on, just to lock the greasy parts in. I then dab my concealer where it need be; and upon application, your concealer just locks in with the mattefying texture of the primer. Insane!

I allow myself to dust on just a teensy bit of powder after spritzing on the B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray that’s becoming my most fave primer step as of yet. Its both hydrating and cleans out any access oil after; plus enriched with all the vitamin goodness that your skin needs. Since most of us pounded on makeup on a daily basis, why not have products that help do both of the work for your skin at the same time- protecting the skin and fortressing your makeup throughout the day!


A trick I learned from the Urban Decay folks and local makeup artists is to spray on a little bit of primer on your brush when your applying your foundation.


Again, I use the word ‘lock’ alot; but this helps to secure the staying power of your foundation along with enfusing all the vitamin goodness of the B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray for the day.


I know you guys might think, who wears makeup to the beach? In a bizarre twist and perhaps a personal makeup belief of mine; a little bit of makeup when I am out in the scorching heat actually helps me with my skin’s ultra sensitive condition. It sort of adds in a layer of spf/uv protection (it is also environmentally friendlier than slapping on sunscreen so you wont bleach the corals) when needed and protects my skin from burning out like the back on a frying pan haha. So I would usually put on just a little bit of them so I’d look good in pics (ha!) and to help even out any unsightly untoned skin.

After applying the other basic necessities like a waterproof mascara, liptint/nude lippy and tame the eyebrows with a gel liquid; you’re pretty much set to go! But hold up, you need one last spritz of the De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray – Oil Control spray to really secure the makeup in. This is my secret weapon. If I am going barefaced during the day to Bangsar or whatnot; I usually spray these on to keep me looking fresh and grease-free.


With that being said and applied, you’re on it!



No contouring/ now shading/ no strobing/ no highlighting; just great primers to lock in that au naturel look through the day. Safe to say that the Urban Decay Go Matte #PrepPrimeSet Skin Cocktail has turned me to a proper Primer Donna with the ultimate promise of all-day protection! <3