Sunglasses help you polish the look you put together, help to set the mood of your outfit. I couldn’t imagine pulling off my OOTDs outdoors without the obligatory cool sunnies completing my outfit frame.

In my next project, Muzik eyewear approached me for an exciting lookbook collaboration with their sunglasses which is set to debut in Malaysia in the start of November. Hailing from Korea, Muzik eyewear carries the fun aesthetic of Korean funky eyewear fashion but what sets it apart is that the sunglasses are all made with the best quality materials in France!

The combination of both of these dynamics create a collection that lets you redefine your look!

In one of the series of looks shot by Aimanness, I wore Drip Rock 523, Track 5 sunglasses with Jaspal coatdress, Nose clutch and shoes I got in Bangkok for this look. I let the gold-clipped detailed sunglasses play up the monochrome details of my ootd. 🙂


(more coming soon!)


Haida Yusof