Thanks to the fashion world’s latest obsession with all things vintage, my next challenge isn’t really a difficult one to take onto.

Having said that, the rest can’t really be said towards some of my favorite Milanese/Italian labels that have conjured impossibly layered looks on the runway. Call it granny chic, the trends we see on the catwalks of the Italian city can be a complicated look to score. You might end up looking baggy and quite frankly, unattractive to the eyes of your significant other/the opposite sex (which seems to be what most girls are dressing up for these days). Surely sexually appealing looks that has been popularized by many insta celebs and insta models like Gigi and Kendall and Ariana Grande just to name a few are a much more preferred look that could set the boys’ blood boiling- and much easier to copy. Knowing me, I have no need to dress up for boys, and this season’s vintage-heavy trend is just what the quirkster in me ordered. Man repelling? Maybe, but setting sights on Miu Miu’s clever and ornate layering pieces to create an entirely kitschy grandma chic approach in fashion is what really excites me 🙂

Let’s make a breakdown of Miu Miu’s SS16 look – its very almost country, peasant-like if you may say so, but with luxe touches and pops of color to make it less bland/vintage.

Ruffles are predominant in this collection along with gingham prints, tulle, sheer organzas/touch of fur and feathery accents. My take was to emulate these elements and incorporate them all together with vintage clothes from Vinter Vintage and add pieces unique in my wardrobe. 🙂

IMG_2802 IMG_2803

I wrapped a 1940’s sheer organza frock (which back then people would usually wear them with a slip) on top of a retro flouncy dress to give that illusion of the Miu Miu ruffle effect. Another go-to additions are the bulky brightly colored boots, fur stole (faux fur, people!) and a bold colored, heavily embellished yellow bag.


IMG_2810IMG_2812 IMG_2813