It might be because it’s getting closer to Chinese New Year or having seen Kinky Boots for the umpteenth time, but when it comes to color; I can never just stick to a hue and go with it.

However, in this case, red has been on mind lately.

Again, not sure why. perhaps it was after this recent purchase of a vinyl jacket I obtained from ZARA and from then on, it just sort of picked up an obsession pace of its own. I dont know what about it warrants my obsession, I remembered I was told that as an Aries, my horoscope colour is fiery red, heck, even my rumah sukan has traditionally been red all my life; perhaps in the year if the rooster, this sudden ‘craving’ of sorts should be embraced.

I took my obsession to two routes: the first being something that speaks boldly in texture:


Wore boy shorts under this embellished, mesh Wanpa skirt and added in some street edge with an adidas sports top. Choker adds that badass necessity to a t.

IMG_0189 IMG_0185

I mean, if you’re going to seek attention, a bright, shiny jacket in chili red would always do the trick.

IMG_0216 IMG_0213

Another route is the usual athleisure route:


One that bore this stripey number adds that trackstar credentials just in the right measure.

IMG_0227 IMG_0271I took an option of wearring stirrups for that retro , ‘lets get physical’ feel; ad grunged it up with some 90s double chokers and belt. 🙂

IMG_0262 IMG_0277 IMG_0274

Ideally, this is how I imagined myself rocking to reds, think kinky latex meets motocross attitude:

Image result for pvc vinyl red outfits clothes in movies and music videos

Image result for  pvc vinyl red outfits clothes in movies and music videos

Image result for red shiny pvc in movies

Image result for penelope cruz zoolander

Image result for charlies angels movies red clothes

One can dream, and work it into fruition soon ha! <3