For Spring/Summer 2015 , the Austrian brand took a step back in vivid colors and embraced subtle hues for this season.

The ladies of Swarovski Malaysia and Singapore take this vision of a sweet and demure Spring 15  to the setting of the gorgeous Orchid Observatory of Hotel Majestic in Bangsar. Aligned across the rows of orchids, we helped ourselves to some prim afternoon tea, while we inspect these lovely jewels. from the aptly themed Crystal Gardens collection. Kind of remind me of Alice in Wonderland’s tea party, sans the mad-hatter (more like the mad shoe-er).

The soft feminine hues are a different approach from the usual Shorouk collection they released in seasons past. Though chunky necklaces still a staple, there is a muted, modest design to the current collection, very ladylike.






The star of the show is definitely this package of gems. a studded, embellished trinket of crystals and delicate precious metals adorning a pink leather choker.


Comes with matching multiple tier drop earrings, this goes absolutely perfect with a plain sweater top as demonstrated by this particular model:


Shot by the always bubbly Audrey of Swarovski team Singapore :p

Knowing me, I cant miss out on trying on the items, some of which complemented my engagement ring very well :3 heh.




The rest of the collection picks up from there, and foray into more bolder color tones 🙂






Almost art deco 🙂

We even get to see the Stardust bangles/chokers getting an update in new colors, mixes and designs. The Stardust choker also comes in a square knot design, all you people in the boy scouts/girl scouts group back in school should recognize this in an instant 😉




Absolutely adore the new collection, Swarovski never dissapoints <3 Look out at your nearest Swarovski store soon to rack up some and more of these lovely trinkets!


Thank you Swarovski Malaysia/Singapore <3