Just like that, it’s almost 2016, and that delivers another anxious year closing in to the big 3-0. When I say this, this has nothing to do with a fear of growing older (more like, wiser), it’s more of a deadline to figure out what’s my signature style is like, what sort of regimented beauty routine should she stick to in definition of years to come. I heard somewhere that a woman delivers her true beauty when she is 30 and the prime of her life to be at 40.If I want to be remembered for my beauty or charisma, it is how I present myself out there to the world, and beauty (along with great style) contributes to that indelible image I want people to remember me by. I have always aspired my ‘life story’ to be like one of those E! True Hollywood Story picture montages,  and remember an icon/celeb from those pics you see of them in the 50s,60s,70s and still come across relevant and beautifully posed or curated. In pursuit of that, of creating wonderful visual/ photographic memories that my children and my grandchildren would look up to get inspired by, (and as one who swears by the beauty of my flaws and imperfection) I have came up with a list of commandments so far of what I or, you should hold on to in order to achieve ‘immortality’.

1. Thou shalt not tie your hair up when you go to sleep

I believe that this was a sage advice given by my late mom. I remembered how she kept on pestering me to untie my locks so that I wont grow bald in my later years. Well, moms are always right, and I have noticed that my forehead were showing receding signs of  ‘ forehead expansion’ due to the hair pulling from top knot bun hairtsyle I bring to sleep (just cause I can show off my #IWokeUpLikeThis look the next day when I untie it off). Since the only real estate space I’m interested to invest is in the one on Hollywood Hills, I have no interest in having a plot for land on my forehead now or ever.

(instead do a loose braid if you’re really want to get bedhead hear instead)

2. Thou shall NEVER EVER go the route of over-shaving your eyebrows

Sure the 70s and 80s went berzerk and the 90s was just a pencil-drawn mess, if there’s one thing I’d tell my younger, klutzier self is that I should stress it at all. As I grew older, I came to realize that my brows is considered a ‘prized’ look in the brow world. I remembered how I wanted to have one of those coveted arch eyebrows ala Angelina Jolie or Megan Foz and have failed tragically when trying to copy so (I should have just learn to accept ,my caterpillar brows). Alas, I should just look back at most of the legends who stuck by the au natural; like Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Tailor and heck, Cara Delevingne herself. Though the beauty forecast next season is looking like it will soon regress back to the Gwen Stefani, No-Doubt-era-drawn-brows ; I’d say skip it and just maintain your brow just the way it is.

None of this…unless you’re Gwen Stefani reuniting with No Doubt again.

More of this!


just make sure to keep it tame with this:

Urban Decay Brow Tamer

3. Thou shall prohibit all practice of contouring, but strobing is okay.

Zokay ladies, I dare say that I was one of those people who were bemused by the flooding of beauty bloggers and beauty Instagrammers who swears by the art of contouring.  I give you that; its a wonderful work of art WITH the right lighting or if you’re on your way for a conceptual shoot, but seeing it in the flesh (cake?) wasn’t something I would condone you do, ladies. Its unflattering and I feel like it hides your true features plus, most of you look like Lurch from the Addam’s Family when you step out in it to events (cough KLFW frow, cough )! Honor the contours of your face via lighter, refined sculpting techniques or try strobing instead. I have single-handedly tested and applied the contoured makeup to the real world and it wasn’t a pretty sight at all. Strobing do me justice plus, you’ll look more like yourself in it.

See example from this Burberry video for inspo! (sure its on an already chiselled model, but my emphasis is on the lightness of the makeup touches!)

4. Thou shall embrace your dark circles, only if you’re born with it.

When I was 16, I recalled that I had impulsively and continuously buying under eye brighteners to compete with the other white, fair as snow PYTs at high school just so I could accepted by the ‘popular crowd’. I now learn that this so-called flaw of mine, could be manipulated as a super smokin’ eye makeup look. I mean just a flick of the eyeliner pen and you wont have to bother with blending shades underneath your eye to give a perennial sultry eye look. Just look at these iconic starlets, how would you imagine them without those eyebags/undereye circles??!

Sophia Loren; the sex.

Eva Green: showing us how erratic brows and sunken eyes are recipes for a killer, smouldering look.

Trying to recreate one of those old school photos baha.

5. Thou shall embrace your original color, but its okay to lather on whitening creams just to re-tone the overly tanned areas from sun exposure (and lather those UV protection creams!)

It doesnt matter if you’re tanned or blessed with the right amount of melanins to get you bouncing back to your original color, skin cancer isn’t a pretty sight. If not, you do not want to look like Donatella Versace in your later years or be donated as a prop for Texas Chainsaw Massacre ‘leather face’ reboots in the future, never forget to lather on sunscreen when you are exposed to the sun for a lengthy amount of time.


6. If all else fails, thou shall just stick to the classic, cat eye makeup.

When you look at all of the old Hollywood and iconic beauty/screen legends of our time, best photos of them; do you see them in smokey eye makeup? color eyeshadows? Nope. Cat eyes dominate their iconic look. From classic Cleopatra flicks on Elizabeth Taylor, naughty housewife/call girl Catherine Deneuve variety or Alexa Chung’s no fuss strikes, the cat eye transcends time in the vaults of makeup archives.

It’s easy, it highlights the best asset of everyone’s face and it’s cheap. Just invest in one good eyeliner pen and you’re good to go.

Case in point: Audrey

duuude. : (

7. Thou shall look effortless with makeup on, as if you’re born with it (Maybe it’s Maybelline?).

Unless you are planning to go audition at RuPaul’s Drag Race, keep your application and layers on the down low. Makeup should be empowering a tool to help you conceal your physical flaws like scars, discoloration etc than to be a Bratz doll (not a compliment). Plus, more makeup just don’t do good for your skin, too.

To be fair, Sharon Needles is awesome. But harshness; baking, cooking whatever should just leave it to the Queens to do it! <3

8. Thou shall see no requirement to constantly have your hair salon-blown (attached with lower end mega curls).

One pet-peeve I have about salons is when I requested to do a blow dry, they always ended up making my hair look ‘plastic’ and over done-up. You don’t see major stars walking around with those no more!

These are sooo 2010. Even Kim K has progessed her hairstyle to much chic-er alternatives. Thanks to Kanye.

Doesn’t matter if you hail from the corporate world where you need to look polished and put together, the 2015’s powerful, stylish femme no longer tote this hair around to meets and securing that big business deal.

Go Olivia Palermo sleek.

Go looser with your blows for a billowy, light look.

9. Thou shall calm your tits down with fake eyelashes.

What’s going on up there? A canopy extension above your eye lids? Keep extensions as natural as possible. I dont mind a fake or one of those magic instant eyelash elongator thingies, but even that I make myself sure to not go Twiggy-overboard with the application or the ones I’ve seen porn stars wear to Adult Award shows. Classy.

Here’s looking at you, Jordan aka Katie Price.

Riri shoots, Riri scores.

10) Thou shall never forget to drink water,no guzzle it down. Often.

Don’t be camel, get your dose of at least 3 litres of water a day. Doesn’t matter if you pee often. Just do it and your skin will thank you for it when you age.

“If you ask my kids ‘What’s the one thing Mom’s taught you?’ [The answer is] ‘Drink water.’” –Elle MacPherson