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Let’s get this out there- I am no model.

But when opportunity arises- especially with an offer from fashion heavyweight Syaiful Baharim and gorgeous trinket maker Per Te Handmade a spot in the latter’s exclusive Bridal accessory campaign, curiosity gets the best of me. I’ve never really seen myself in Bridal wear (that is, until I got proposed in France almost 2 weeks after the shoot, but we will get to that soon ;)) so I thought of kicking the Malay taboo out of my psyche and just heck, get on with in!

This is SPOSA, Per Te Handmade’s Bridal Accessory Campaign. Shot by Aimanness Harun and styled in Syaiful Baharim’s dreamy wedding dresses. Per Te Handmade’s accessories adorned my hair and ears throughout the campaign. It was very surreal seeing myself as a bride, the status interlocked with the long white viscose trains and regal hair crowns on your most important transition of your life. Suffice to say, the trinkets and the dresses rubbed off a magic that had gotten me engaged a fortnight after the shoot was made! So, ladies, even if you are single or waiting for that BIG question, maybe slipping into one of Syaiful’s impeccable wedding dresses or Per Te’s one of a kind wedding accessory pieces; you might just hasten the deal! :p

Special thanks to Cheveux by KC for the messy do 🙂 Be kind on the makeup department, because that was all me :p

* liking what you see? check out the exquisite tailoring for wedding dresses and even formal wears at Syaiful Baharim (www.syaifulbaharim.com) and per te ‘s one of kind statement jewelry finds at www.perte.co