Miracle Oil 3 - Rojak Couture

I barely drink, I don’t maintain a healthy food lifestyle and I hardly do get time to workout. No, this isn’t a manifesto against living the healthy life, but a demo of how unfit and undisciplined I am in maintaining a routine to make sure that the looks department is checked and balanced.

Juggling a hectic lifestyle means that I am obliged to cut back on the full routine of cleansing, toning, moisturizing and the list goes on. The result of this reckless lifestyle showed on my skin and hair – I was neglecting the basic commandments of what many beauty routines require you to commit to, but in reality let’s face it (no pun intended) – who has all the time in the world to dedicate that much time in applying so much cosmetics (not to mention, harmful chemicals) in such short given time?

For about 2 months, I have embraced a new form of beauty-managing routine. You may call it holistic, organic – whatever, all i know is that these new commandments work wonders for my skin and hair without the hassle of committing to the whole 10-step programme of it all. Jam packed in a bottle/jar, it’s the only thing I have commit myself to and swear to its potency in delivering its healing and glowing effect.

I have pledged : to all things oil.

I have been getting lots of queries and compliments on my hair and how good it is, that i go to the salon to get it done and treated or able to afford the full access to top skin clinics and whatever. Truth be told, though the semi-datin life is semi pleasing; I am very finnicky about applying anything foreign on my face. One lucky day, I came across an article that talks about the miracle of using facial oils, skin oils – pretty much everything oil in your daily beauty routine for any sort of problems you may have including (gasp!) oily skin!

To test the theory, I gave up all of my cleansers and creams and started sticking to the routine for about a month, giving up on the 3-step/5-step programs you’re usually expected to do.

The result has been nothing short of amazing, I look less tired, more hydrated (apart from the eye bags due to hours of staring at the pc monitor) and my hair sheds less dandruff and surprisingly have less oil on my scalp too!

To get in on the hype, here’s my recommended steps that you can employ to test the results yourself!


Miracle Oil 4 - Rojak Couture

Ditch the serums and hair masks, after I shampoo, I simply apply oil on semi-dried hair and either leave it to dry for a while or blow dry it.

I continuously apply these oils on the tips of my hair while drying them or blowing them. making sure that whenever it feels dry, just replenish the tips of my hair as I style them. My hair actually becomes even more naturally wavy and healthy, with less than noticable few of split end strands seen 🙂


If you’re suffering from oily/itchy scalp/dandruff, believe me when I say to ditch these synthetic shampoos and just massage your scalp with virgin coconut oil /avocado oil instead. I know the whole argument about oil vs oil may not win you over yet, but trust me, the change is a guarantee.

Reccommended oils; coconut/argan/moroccan oil


Safe, clean and NOT tested on animals, why opt for chemical-filled lotion when you can use oil instead?

I love to apply them on for a brilliant bronzed effect and they make my legs and arms stay moist for hours! Also amazing to get rid of acne buildup on my chest (my skin is highly sensitive to this weather!) and scars too.

Miracle Oil 3 - Rojak Couture

  • I use argan oil mostly for my skin. 😀


Miracle Oil 7 - Rojak Couture

I apply a couple of essential oils like lavender or argan oil and spread them out as makeup base and to prep my skin up. I am currently using Kiehls’ Daily Reviving Concentrate as base for my makeup later apply a primer base to kind of lock it down. It delivers a glow when you apply your makeup and keeps your face hydrated and surprisingly less oily. I have impossibly oily skin and break out quite regularly as I barely drink water (BAD, BAAAD!) and eat pretty much anything I can reach my hands to (which are usually the junk food goodness).

Reach out to the trusty tea tree oil to fix any inflammation of my breakouts and acne problems too. It work less slower, but you wont leave a scar unlike the typical topical alternatives.

Miracle Oil 6 - Rojak Couture

At night I apply Kiehls’ Midnight Recovery Concentrate before I go to bed, and it helps my skin ‘calms down’ and well, recover. you will notice when you wake up the next day that you skin is noticably supple and kind of ‘prepares itself’ for the day’s gruelling routine.

Tell me what you think in a few weeks, but I have been very happy with my normal routine of just washing my face with water, dabbing it dry and applying oils than the usual route. Tried and tested, and tell you what, your skin will thank and show you for it. 🙂

Good luck!