Rhodes Island, Greece

Temp: 21 degrees by day, 17 at night

Humidity: Close to 54%

While I tend to miscalculate my packing contents for most destinations bearing so-called temperate climates, the same can not be said about my beauty essentials. I place thorough inspection and priority in packing the right essentials for every trip as my skin is super sensitive. For Greece, the dry air, windchills and hot sun was nothing with these essentials I have with me on the island of Rhodes; which is as bipolar as Malaysian weather.

Here are what I have packed for the trip, and you may seen some worn out items being displayed and that’s a testament that these are not just items I have received and share as a ‘blogger’ but rather must haves I have faithfully pledge my allegiance to everywhere I go!

Rhodes Beauty Essentials

  1. Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs

For those wanting to have Bey-aproved legs, this is the best product for your legs for flawless one-toned, bronze finish. It is said that Beyonce herself have been using these for years and its light foundation-like texture sticks on as you Baywatch-skip around the beach.

2. Kate Spade sunglasses

Because wide-rimmed sunglasses is the only acceptable fashion to sport on the beaches of Rhodes.

3.Bobbi Brown Bronzer Powder

Have been having this for years now and a simple swipe of the powder on the temple of my cheeks will have you that Aphrodite (Narcicuss?) glow.

4.Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Sunscreen

This is so light in texture and application, easy to travel around with and promises protection like it expected to do in Rhodes blaring sunlight. It doesn’t feel sticky which I love most for this cream! 😀

5. Kiehls Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

After a brisk wash of the face, I find myself reaching out to this after exfoliating or it wont feel as if I have cleansed my face well. It feels fresh and you can see spots minimized after a few times applying on your face. Very very recommended.

6. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil

This is so easy to apply and create the illuminating bronzed goddess that you are with a simple flick on your eyelids. Your eyes do seem bigger and fresher and it stays on for ages!

7. Chanel Les Beiges Compact Powder

It’s light powder’s perfect to pat away unwanted oiliness on the surface of your skin and the half-moon brush applies it so perfectly and covers the sculpture of your face, no fuss. Also, doesn’t hurt that its the ultimate show-off makeup piece with that Chanel logo on its cover as you flip em out.

8. Burberry’s Face Contour Effortless Contouring Pen

I dont like the concept of heavy contouring. And since powder forms are much too intense, I love the blending viscosity of the pen onto my oily textured skin. It doesn’t drown you out and blends really well with my skin. Who contours to the beach, you say? Well, try a flick a few around the bridge of your nose and hollow of your cheeks and along with the bronzing powder to finish; THEN get back to me and tell me that you don’t like how you look like.

9. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

This is perfect to have your makeup last during the day and the refreshing spritz of the mist really do retain your makeup to last a whole day by the beach!

10. Ciate X Olivia Palermo lippy in Praline

I have two of these from  my score in the UK and they are brilliant. It’s not matte so you wont get crusty bits at the end of your sunbathing session and it smells wonderful. It is balanced in moisture, plus, the lipstick color in this delicious peachy pink meets choc nude color is divine and stays on!