Fresh from my virginal escapade in the city of love, I couldn’t be more excited to embark on the journey down south. Though am now travelling without ANY ID of some sort (will be heading there on Thursday instead), I figured to take the risk as a temporary illegal traveler and hope that I am not caught up in any other mischievous crap.


Off we go!

After a scrumptious breakfast at the hotel, we set off to Lanouaille, Dordogne, approximately 500km south of Paris.

As you drive out of Paris cityscape, the real France strips off the layers to unveil picturesque views along the route to Dordogne. Rolling hills, fluffy clouds, blue skies, vast wheat fields contrasting each other. J’adore, no?


Along the way by-passing Chateroux

After about 4 hours of driving, we passed the town of Limoges (and mistook the venue as being close in Limoges rather than another 70-90km towards Linouaille) and drove ourselves to a winding, zig-zaggy section of the road. This was approaching the medieval towns and farms all stretching miles and miles of nothing but greens.


Soon enough, we reached a small town nestled close to Lanouaille. Forgot the name, but with a view like this, I had to pester Polar Bear to allow me to hop off for a little snap action of the surroundings. I thought Paris was so quiet at night but this town had shown very little signs of activity even during the midday. Apart from the rare one or two tourist sightings. Since we travelled on a Sunday, naturally a majority of the shops were shut. The silence was suprisingly pleasant 🙂



Another 40 minutes of visual stimualation from the journey inwards to Lanouaille, we finally arrived at a Chateau. I completely missed the fact that the wedding was to take place at an old chateau. Chateau La Durantie was the name. Entering the driveway was magical, like reliving one of the episodes of Downton Abbey, but in French (heh)

And I am back in 1840..


Fetch me my cravat and tailcoat, hurry!


No words, really. With a compound like that.



We see Matt unpacking the Clements and Church groomsmen suits. Tailored using the finest quality fabrics from Milan 🙂 FYI, the groom Aaron John is one of the master tailors of the brand, you’d expect all of the groomsmen to look (like Joey Essex says )’ream’ on the day of the event.

Since I barely know most of the guests who had just arrived at the chateau, I took some time off just admiring the cool summer breeze while waiting for our rooms to be ready. I couldnt wait to explore more inner crevices from its interior to its history.



Essential ootd shot.. In H&M leather jacket, Forever 21 tank, Kitchen pants, Zara loafers and Micheal Kors sling bag.

Polar Bear called in for us to just help ourselves to some refreshments before we settled into our quarters. I find myself in disbelief, it was like being in an elaborate movie set of Sense & Sensibility. I know I am name-dropping period dramas here, but I am a huge history buff and seeing this come to life is astounding. Verily the details adoring the house is ultimate classic luxe; antique chairs, gilded ornaments; just excess!


<3 Aaron & Christie ‘s welcome note at the front foyer.


Stairwell towards the VIP guest rooms aka family’s and bridesmaids. Dangerous Liaisons much?


A nook to catch a glimpse of your suitor outside :p


I love GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLDDDD – Goldmember , Austin Powers Goldmember.

And if these are not breathtaking enough, we were both called to go to our respective rooms as they were now ready.

Adjacent to the chateau is a stable converted as rooms.


It was recently renovated to accomodate guests, but the million-dollar view was the real kicker to this!


The smell of lavender fed our nostrils, and a stunning view of the apple orchards down below.

I set up my clothes and settled in for awhile. spamming on Instagram as I go. I saw a leaflet they left with historical facts of the chateau. As I buried my nose in it, I immerse myself in the storyline of the original inhabitants of the decadent abode. Found out it was a former resident of the then Duke of Isly, Thomas Robert Bugeaud in 1840.

He was the Marshall of France and was the General Governor of Algeria. He was one of Napoleon’s favorite, so much so that he was regarded as a national hero and was buried close to Napoleon’s tomb. 🙂 Neat.

To prep,I set up my clothes and settled in by Instagramming away my visual exploits, as expected.


 Three-day ootd festivities, all aligned ( with PB’s suit which needed to be ironed like the role of the domestic/submissive,Malay girlfriend I assumed to take)

I later headed out to snap more photos, explore more of what the chateau offers.


The space outside of my room, couldn’t really manage to capture the chiascurro of the image. Only using an iPhone. -_-



No caption needed. The living area of the chateau. Love the cool palletes and especially the baroque upholstery down to carpeting. All that’s missing is a Persian cat.

Further down the exterior compound, there is a pool. But the temp is dropping as it is now approaching dusk, but these thick-skinned Englishmen dunked in anyway.



C’est La Vie! (I cant help it)

A quick tour around, we then headed to a mini bbq gathering, a celebration of all the guests’ arrival from all over UK and form Malaysia (that’s us! :))


A catalogue of well-dressed men with groom Aaron John in the pink shirt and bright blue blazer.

By this time I have exhausted all of my battery juice, I only managed to snap this one last photo of one of the guest houses at the chateau during sundown. I was feeling the love from these strangers who now are friends. Exquisite venue! I dont know how awesome tomorrow will turn out to be during the wedding ceremony.

If Paris couldnt mend your broken heart, this view wll change that. 🙂


End of day 2 of my France coverage in Lanouaille. Standby for the next post on the ceremony itself! 🙂

xx END OF DAY 2 xx