It is finally the big day! Almost 8 months of planning from where I last met Aaron and Christie in London, it has all come down to this big day, and stress levels are at an all-time high!

Before we get all dressed up for the ceremony later at 5pm, I followed all of the boys to the nearest Intermarche to stock up on the booze for the wedding. Really was all just an excuse for me to have a closer look at the quaint French town of Lanouaille, which looks as if the panaromas just jumped out of a vintage Provincial postcard.

We marched straight toward the Intermarche, looking like the cast of the Expendables, version growing belly 2.0.

This petite Malaysian girl was given the duty of hauling the vehicle toward the entrance,naturally.

After stocking up the booze, we drove back to the chateau and readied ourselves for the big day. This was my first proper English wedding, so I’m quite ken to check out IRL how Brummies (and some Londoners) get suited up for an event like this. So used to the formal concept of Baju Kurungs as my go-to piece that