so yours truly has ended up on mtv asia :p

Sep 10th, 2017 Fashion & Beauty rojakcouture 1 min read

About 2 months ago, the peeps at MTV Asia went over to the peninsular to interview a bunch of totally talented Malaysian individuals on the arts and fashion scene and somehow, yours truly has managed to bag herself the honor of having Hanli Hoefer herself to come interview me. Being the ever pemalu that I am, I have yet to watch the full snippet of…

california-nevada the old-fashioned way: the canyons and death valley

May 30th, 2017 Travel rojakcouture 68 min read

We were on a tight schedule, and chasing our time in Vegas was paramount to get the best of what the city could offer. Starting with the weird and wonderful of the city; here was how we spent the few days that we have in Sin City. After the epic Britter concert last night, there was only one other thing left to do: visit the…

california-nevada the old fashioned way : a pictorial road trip part 1

May 27th, 2017 Travel rojakcouture 37 min read

There is no better way to explore the States with than via automobile. A drop-top, American muscle car to be more Ā fitting, comes with a playlist of old-school American tracks to fuel the long drive. While my previous trips have always centered around the city itself, the hubs and I have always wanted to tick the bucket list of road-tripping in the States, even when…

Like A Coppola (Sofia) in Springtime Jardin Feels with Urban Decay

Apr 13th, 2017 #ootd rojakcouture 6 min read

(Hit the button to capture the feels) Springtime looks call for something romantic, blushed in innocence and fresh-toned scent and makeup. In a field of blooming wild chrysanthemums in Perissa, Santorini, I took my best Sofia Coppola references; inspired mostly form the Virgin Suicides and the infantile enthusiasm of Marie Antoinette within this ootd. Immersing myself in a Coppola’sĀ set ala Marc Jacobs’ eau de parfum,…

Langkawi OOTD Tales – 2017

Mar 25th, 2017 Fashion & Beauty, Travel rojakcouture 7 min read

A compendium of OOTDs inspired from Havana’s colorful Resort style during my recent trip to Langkawi. See below for your inspirational needs šŸ™‚ Ā  xx Ā Location: Temple Tree Resort, Pantai Teluk Yu, Langkawi Falls, Kalut Bar Pantai Cenang, Casa Del Mar.

Primer Donna : A Tale with Urban Decay’s Go Matte Primer Set

Mar 24th, 2017 Fashion & Beauty rojakcouture 8 min read

Who has time to get all dolled up every morning? How do you keep up with taking care of your face, and the powder pat to get rid of the access oil for hours only to realize it was going to be melted off like an orang minyak at the end of it all? I was less than particular about how my makeup looks like…

How Not to be a Basic Bitch (Maybe)

Feb 28th, 2017 Reviews & Ramblings rojakcouture 10 min read

I am one aplenty with commandments (if you follow my previous posts) but that’s because I feel like you can haveĀ yourself right on track when you set these rules in an almost divinely interference. So here I go, setting a commandment over something associated with a female dog. But as Urban Dictionary coined it, “A bitch with a pH value greater than 7”, and the…

Going, Going…ONG!

Jan 30th, 2017 #ootd rojakcouture 4 min read

I think it’s safe to say that a gold-centric lookbook has been long overdue. Heck, a lookbook post itself has been long overdue. For CNY, I figured it is about time, given with this amazing pieces selected by myself during a sourcing/loaning trip from The Oldees. While I was busy scurrying around for kimono pieces and qipao for an Oriental inspired shoot, I came across…

Seeing Red

Jan 22nd, 2017 #ootd rojakcouture 6 min read

It might be because it’s getting closer to Chinese New Year or having seen Kinky Boots for the umpteenth time, but when it comes to color; I can never just stick to a hue and go with it. However, in this case, red has been on mind lately. Again, not sure why. perhaps it was after this recent purchase of a vinyl jacket I obtained…